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Travel Toiletry Pouch Cosmetic Bag Holder (Assorted Colour) - Pack of 1


Travel Toiletry Pouch Cosmetic Bag Holder (Assorted Colour) - Pack of 1

  • Material: polyester with 100% water resistance, can be used by both men and women
  • Best accompanying partner when you are on business travel, outdoors, and for organizing your bathroom and shower essentials
  • 5 Compartments to store all your travel essentials, bathroom and shower essentials. A built-in hook to hang the bag
  • 2 External zipper compartments provides more space to store toothpaste, toothbrush and other items
  • No colour choice available. Random colour will be provided

Product details

This is the best and a must have item as your travel accompanying partner to store all you need when you travel long distance or to well organize your shower and bathroom essentials. It has everything that you need to store with 5 compartments that allows you to store all your make up accessories, hair accessories, shaving tools, toothbrushes, soap, toothpaste and more. It is made up of fine polyester material and comes with attractive colors.

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