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Adjustable Baby Car Cushion Seat with Safety Belt for Child Multi Color

Adjustable Baby Car Cushion Seat with Safety Belt for Child Multi Color

  • It Can Be Used When Baby Sitting Alone On Car.
  • Easy Installation and Removal for Convenience without Sacrificing Safety.
  • The Car Cushion Can also be Fastened to Chairs with Back Rest and Be Used Like a Baby Chair.
  • Ideally for Child Age 1-5 Years Old. Colors as per Availability.
  • This Car Cushion Seat Acts as a Car Seat as well as Chair for Kids.

Adjustable Portable Multi function Car Cushion Seat With Safety Belt For Baby.

Using a child safety seat/cushion (car seat) is the best protection you can give your child when traveling by car.

The multi-function car cushion can reduce the risk of a potentially fatal injury substantially for babies in particular and also for toddlers.

It can be used when the baby is sitting on the car seat or as a chair belt while having a meal.

It uses a pure cotton and cushion shoulder belt design that does not hurt the baby in long-term using.

Soft and comfortable material is safe for the child's skin.

It has a space-saver design that does not occupy more space.

It can be installed on the car seat and also on a regular chair at home.

The Operation Indication :

1. Installing the car seat to the front passenger seat location, putting the left belt and right belt through driver seat and dricer seat back, letting them clasped each other

2. Adjusting the belt into suitable length.

3. Opening the front abdominal button of car seat.

4. Putting the baby to the sitting cushion, the face should be toward ahead, and fastening the abdominal bottom,

5. Making sure the cushions surround baby must be fastened in case of the friction between baby and bottom.

6. Adjusting the shoulder belt so that baby can feel comfortable.

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